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Who are the 4C's?

4C’s Finecraft Jewelry Store, Claremont’s Family Jewelry Store, is owned and operated in the Claremont Village. The owners, Tom and Cecilia Cerafice, have been Claremont residents since the early 1970’s and have raised their children here. Tom as well as his children Anthony and Loren attended Sumner Elementary School, El Roble Intermediate School and are all graduates of Claremont High School.

Anthony graduated from the University of La Verne in May 2012 with a degree emphasizing in Sports Medicine. Anthony played baseball for 4 years and was a pitcher for the Leo's. The leopards team won there conference championship in Anthony's senior year and because of his commitment to his sport he was offered an opportunity to play in Melbourne Australia. He is now married to Ashley and they reside in Brisbane, Australia where he works as a personal trainer. They have two children, Solomon age 6 and Cassius, age 3.

Loren received a full ride as a goal keeper in women's soccer to Lindsey Wilson college in Kentucky. In 2014 the women's team won the national championship. Loren graduated with her BS degree in physical education and health degree in 2015. Loren recently moved to Victoria, Canada and is a personal trainer at a health club.

To keep the spirit of Claremont schools in the family, Cecilia has been a first grade teacher at Condit Elementary School for over ten years.

4C’s Finecraft Jewelry Store is a full service jewelry store; we sell, create, and/or repair your jewelry and watches. Tom Cerafice has been in the jewelry business for over 36 years and in this same location in the Claremont Village for the past 18 years. Our experienced, friendly staff has maintained an excellent rapport with our clients over the years. Tom wants his customers to stay with him for life!

4C’s Finecraft Jewelry Store is also very involved with community fundraising and have supported many organizations since their inception including OLA, local elementary schools, junior high school, high school, booster clubs, Claremont Little League, the Art of Giving and closest to their heart The Be Perfect Foundation just to name a few. As a family and a business the Cerafice family believes in giving and helping others, the reward of helping others is what is given back to them. Living and working in their hometown has been a blessing for Tom and his family.

Quality · Service · Pricing – the top three reasons why our customers continue to shop with us.

What are the 4C's?


When people think of cut, they often think it’s the shape of the diamond. But, it’s about how light is returned due to a diamond’s facets. Cut is responsible for brilliance, fire, and scintillation of a diamond.

Brilliance = combination of all of the white light reflected internally and externally

Fire = a scattering of light into a play of color

Scintillation = a diamond’s sparkle

For the best results, proportions of its facets, symmetry, the relationship of its weight to its diameter, girdle thickness, and quality of its polish have to come together in just the right way.


A diamond’s color is measured using the GIA® D-to-Z diamond color grading system. This system is the most widely accepted for grading. All diamonds are evaluated based on the absence of color.

No hue = higher value

This lack of color is measured in degrees based on comparisons with masterstones, made while viewing under controlled lighting and conditions. This means that regardless of where in the world the diamond is graded it will be under the same conditions and should receive the same grade. These color distinctions are invisible to the untrained eye and should be left to a trained diamond grader.


Just as a diamond’s color is graded on the absence of color, the diamond’s clarity is graded on the absence of inclusions and blemishes. 

Internal characteristics = Inclusions

External characteristics = blemishes

Most are smaller than can be seen by the naked eye. And, accurate assessment is of utmost importance. So, trained diamond graders evaluate the quantity, size, relief, nature, position of these characteristics, and how they affect the appearance of the diamond.

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In addition to color, cut, and clarity, carat weight directly correlates to price of the diamond. This happens because the supply is low (larger = rarer) and demand is high (larger = more popular).

1 Carat = 200 milligrams

1 Point = 0.01 carat = 1/100 of a carat

Diamonds of equal weight are not necessarily the same size. Different proportions and depths will result in different size and weight combinations.

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